Wednesday , July 18th 2018
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Tactical knives that will never let you down !

Tactical knives that will never let you down !

Tactical knives are a kind of knives which have one or more military or martial features. They are designed so that that they can be used in extreme situations. Although, people use the terms “fighting knife” and “tactical knife” interchangeably, they have very different usage. A tactical knife is more of a utility tool rather than a weapon.

The usage of such knives completely depends on the requirements of the job. If a job needs two or three different kinds of knives, then the type of tactical knives should be chosen accordingly.

Following are a few designs and types of different tactical knives.

TAC Force TF-705 Series:

TAC Force TF-705PC Assisted Opening Tactical Folding Knife, Black Half-Serrated Blade, Pink Camo Handle, 4-1/2-Inch Closed


This type of knife has a black half-serrated blade, with a 4 and a half inch closed length. It can be easily held by one hand only. It is an open folding knife which can be safely locked due to its liner lock. It has got a 3mm thick blade made of stainless steel which makes it more durable. Its handle is made of aluminum and it features a glass breaker and a bottle opener at the end. The glass breaker can even be used to punch out the window of a car in case of emergencies. This has been designed considering the comfort to carry it by having a pocket clip in it. TAC Force knives are available in numerous designs meant for different purposes. The designs vary from collectibles to fancy and from hunting to tactical. They specialize in developing spring assist folding knives which makes it handling very easy. Their price ranges from $6.95 to $273.22 depending on the design you choose.


M Tech USA Ballistic MT-A705 Series:

Similar to the one mentioned above, it also provides easy one-handed deployment. Moreover, once the blade is opened, it is securely placed because of its liner lock. Its blade is also 3mm thick made of stainless steel. However, it is 3.75 inch only against the 4-1/4 inch blade of TAC Force. Another difference is that its handle has only bottle opener. It also has a pocket clip for carrying it safely and easily but the look is completed using silver stainless steel. They offer various knives as well like tactical folding knives, fixed blade knives, archery products and security items. All this is available at very competitive prices ranging from $7.19 to $36.97.



US Army Knife:


It is a spring assisted knife but very different from the ones mentioned above. Its blade is 3.75 inches, and 3mm thick made of stainless steel. Its aluminum handle includes a pocket clip and carbide tip spring. It is 5.25 inches closed. It also has a seatbelt cutter and window punch. This product is available for just $12.85. Many customers have used and trusted it for its excellent quality.



Tactical Spring Assisted Opening Knife:

It is one of those heavy looking knives which have razor sharp Tanto blade. The blade is 5 inches closed blade. This is an excellent choice for carrying it every day with you. The kit includes a landyard and heavy duty Cordura Sheath. The package has a knife and a sheath. They also offer a heavy duty carrying case free with this knife. It is spring assisted and comes with a G10 handle. It is available for just $20.99.


After having looked at some of the best tactical knives available in the market, it has become easier to research and choose one that suits our needs the most. Although, the best and the most popular one is TAC Force, you can even opt for cheaper ones. However, you will have to compromise on the features.

Your research can be based on the job you need it for, the features you need or even your budget. The above mentioned ones are the expensive as well as cheap ones but with good quality. Thus, it’s important to know about the products as well as the features in detail. Choose wisely!